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Size / Pressure range / Temperature

  • DN 50 – DN1500
  • ASME Class 150 – 2500
  • API 6A API 3000 – API 20000
  • -101°C (depending on applicable international standard & Specification) / +400°C

Main Characteristics

  • Trunnion Mounted
  • Flanges RF, RTJ, WE, Hub (clamp), Compact flanges
  • Double block and bleed capability
  • SIL 3 Compliant

Body / Trim Material

  • Forged or Cast
    From carbon steel up to most exotic material such as SS, DX, SDX 6MO, Alloy 625, Monel, Titanium, …


  • Soft seated & Metal seated (Tungsten Carbide from 150µm to 400µm)
  • SPE (Self relieving) & DPE& DPE

Additional data

  • Thanks to the very strong design, Top entry products are generally used for severe services such as Riser, High pressure (API6A) or HIPPS and great behavior in front of pipe loading. The main advantage of this design is inline maintenance, no need to dismantle the valve from the line.